What to Expect During Marriage Counseling

One of the most common questions I hear is what a couple should expect when reaching out to couple/marital/premarital counseling. Since it is not easy to open up and talk about intimate and private problems, I want to put to rest some of your concerns.

In my work with my clients, I employ a non-judgmental, unbiased viewpoint by not taking sides while supporting each person to open up so counseling can help you get the resolution you seek.

First Session:
During the first session, I dedicate time to explaining the paperwork and forms needed in order to begin counseling, and answer questions you might have. On average, it does not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete these forms.

As soon as we are done with the paperwork, we will move our attention to addressing and discussing what brought you to couples counseling. Together, we will identify the goals and expectations you have for your relationship.

Since I believe the counseling process continues when you return home, I like to incorporate homework that you and your partner will do in between sessions. The homework represents exercises that aim to replace old patterns with new, adaptive interactions.

Subsequent Appointments:
Each appointment you attend leads you closer to a successful outcome. Since the progress of your improvement is as important to me as it is to you, making sure that you don’t miss an appointment is a top concern I have.

Therefore, it is my policy to contact you by text, email or phone 2 days in advance to remind you of your scheduled appointment. You must then Confirm, Reschedule or Cancel your appointment within 48 hours of the reminder or you will be charged as a missed appointment.

You should always confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointment after I contact you to remind you of your appointment.

How Many Sessions?
Another frequent question asked by my clients is "how many sessions are needed?" The progress varies from couple to couple. On average, the clients I have worked with see improvements after the 3rd or 4th session.

Regarding the frequency of the sessions, I allow my clients the freedom to decide how often they want to schedule appointments. In the beginning, I recommend that new clients come to counseling once a week or, at least, every other week for two to three sessions. After we reach that point, in most cases, we can taper back your frequency of appointments to sessions that are three to four weeks apart..

Another factor that influences the progress and success of a couple is their commitment to change and to attend counseling. When both partners are ready and committed to working on their relationship, they will see results and improvements.

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